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Principal's Message

Dear Fairgrove Academy Families, Students, and Community Members,

It is a privilege to serve as the Principal of Fairgrove Academy K-8 School for the fourth year. Fairgrove Academy is a school that has earned a well-deserved reputation for high expectations, academic excellence, an Arts focus and a positive, safe learning environment in which each and every child is able to learn and grow.

Fairgrove’s dedicated, caring, expert staff is committed to inspiring each student to grow as they hold high expectations for students’ learning and behavior and ensure students experience success each and every day.

Fairgrove is built on the behavioral expectations: Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. We believe that all students deserve to develop in an environment that promotes and supports students learning how to make the right choices.

The elementary and middle school years are an exciting time of learning and growth for our students. These years provide students with opportunities to begin a love for reading, to explore new interests, and to expand skills while discovering personal strengths. We strive to support students through these years of growth.

We encourage questions, comments, or concerns that arise throughout the school year. Please feel free to visit Fairgrove, contact your child’s classroom teacher, our office staff, and me. We hope that each and every child has a rewarding, positive, and successful experience at Fairgrove Academy School!

Sherri Franson
Principal, Fairgrove Academy