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Academic Program

Instructional Program

All students, grades K-8, will be taught the district-adopted curriculum in Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Spelling, Oral Languages, and Grammar), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.  They will also experience an extensive enrichment program in the Arts which may include dance, drama, instrumental music, vocal music, media arts and visual arts.  Technology/Computer education will be integrated throughout the instructional program.


Homework is the responsibility of both the student and parent, and is the extension and reinforcement of classwork. Students in grades 4-8 must write down assignments each day in their agendas. Parents should provide a quiet place in the home for the child to do their homework each night and turn the TV off, limit the cell phone, texting, playtime until finished, and checked by the parent. Good home study habits equals excellent progress and grades. All homework needs to be neat and accurate with name and date on it, and handed in ON TIME. Homework will usually be given Monday-Thursday and occasionally on the weekend when necessary. All parents must check the homework folders and assignment books each night and sign when requested.  You will be contacted by phone or e-mail if the homework is not completed.

Academic Progress and Policies

It is important for parents to be involved in, and aware of their child’s academic progress.  Teachers will regularly give you information about where your child is academically.  If for any reason you have a concern or question regarding your child, contact the school immediately.  All staff are available through email.  You may also call and leave a message in the office for the teacher to return your call.  K-5 Report Cards are issued three times a year.  6th – 8th Progress Report cards are mailed home six times a year, at the end of every grading period.  The report card indicates both academic and citizenship growth in terms of effort, instructional level, achievement, work habits, and citizenship/behavior.  The third and sixth report cards are final grades for the Fall and Spring semesters respectively, and are used to calculate rewards for Renaissance Rallies and other special events. 

Promotion Criteria & 8th Grade eligibility For end of the year activites

District Promotion Eligibility Criteria

Students in grade 8 must meet TWO of THREE categories in the 5th grading period:

  • “D” grade or better in Language Arts or score 60%+ on ELA End of Year Assessment
  • “D” grade or better in Math or score 50%+ on Math End of Year Assessment
  • No more than one “F” grade in any class

** If a student is at risk for promotion, they will also be at risk for all 8th Grade Activities**

Promotion Ceremony Criteria

Students must meet the district promotion criteria and have no “U” in citizenship in the 5th grading period.  Students who do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for promotion and End of the Year Activities. However, if the student meets the requirements by passing the End of Year Assessment or meeting the criteria above in the last six weeks of school, s/he will be able to participate only in the promotion ceremony.

Parents will be notified after the end of the 5th grading period whether or not their student meets the requirements above. 

Middle School Activities/End-of-Year 8th Grade Activities Eligibility Criteria

Students will have the opportunity to earn an 8th grade activity and/or Middle School activity each grading period if they meet the following criteria.  If a student fails to meet the activities criteria, they will not earn an activity for that grading period. 

  • No “U” in citizenship
  • No more than 1 Office Referral
  • No suspensions
  • No more than 3 Unexcused Absences
  • No more than 4 Tardies

During the 6th grading period students must continue to have the activities criteria as well as:

  • No “F” in any subject
  • No more than two “Ds” in any subject.