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Core Values

  • Learning

We believe that all students can learn and be successful in a safe and enriched academic learning environment where creative and open minds are free to dream!

  • Respect

We believe that all learners will respect each other with regards to beliefs, opinions, life styles, ethnicity, culture, and race, and will strive to maintain a positive and harmonious learning environment for all.

  • Service

We believe in providing the academic foundation for our students to serve the world, community, and society in a productive and democratic way, and be successful global problem solvers.

  • Teams

We believe, as staff, parents, and the school community, in working collaboratively to facilitate and support learning and achievement and excellence for all learners.  We believe that learning has no age requirement that students, parents, and teachers build on lifelong learning together!

  • Innovation and Resources

We believe in an atmosphere of exploration and creativity, and to the effective use of our human and financial resources to achieve our goals for all learners.